Concept Model: LEGO Ideas The Works of Vincent Van Gogh Discounts

Concept Model: LEGO Ideas The Works of Vincent Van Gogh Discounts

Offer Only on Amazon: LEGO Van Gogh

Hey, creative people who like LEGO! Excellent news, we promise you. At the moment, Amazon has the best deal on the LEGO Ideas Vincent Van Gogh The Starry Night 21333. This amazing LEGO piece of art is available for just $136. It was $169.99 before, so that’s a huge 20% off. You’re really in for a treat because this is the first time this set has ever been sold. Keep this chance from slipping away!

Beautiful LEGO artwork

LEGO’s Creative Ideas Paul Van Gogh Two-dimensional version of one of Vincent Van Gogh‘s most famous works, “The Starry Night 21333.” This project is even more unique because it’s a partnership with The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). We can’t deny that it’s stunning to look at. LEGO has done a great job of recreating Van Gogh’s expressive brushstrokes, and the different colored bricks are a real treat for LEGO fans.

Concept Model: LEGO Ideas The Works of Vincent Van Gogh Discounts

Beautiful Care for Detail

Inside of this two-dimensional artwork, you can now make out a wondrous three-dimensional environment. Imagine a scene in which the clouds are constantly shifting, the hills are undulating, and in the middle there is a solitary tree. It’s almost as if you’re strolling right into the painting. No, there’s more where that came from! In addition, the package contains a minifigure of Vincent Van Gogh that comes equipped with a paintbrush, a palette, and a desk. Being in close proximity to an artist is almost the same as carrying a part of them with you.

Wonderful Centerpiece

Once you’re done putting this LEGO creation together, it will 19 inches wide, 15 inches tall, and 4 inches deep. And at about 6 pounds, it’s not exactly a light piece of work. The main structure is mostly flat, but the huge number of bricks and wide range of colors will make it a bit difficult. You know this set isn’t for kids because it’s meant for people 18 and up.

This LEGO set is anything but average; it’s a work of art that you may be pleased to display in your own house and boast about to your guests. Think about the conversations it will spark with your visitors for a moment. If you are a fan of LEGOs and art, you absolutely cannot pass up this opportunity to save a ton of money. Do not pass up the opportunity to have a piece of Van Gogh’s work become a part of your life. Do not pass up the opportunity to grab it now!