Singapore Fashion Brand Faces Problems Over Social Media

Beyond The Vines (BTV), a clothes Singapore fashion brand, got into trouble on social media because of things linked to the fighting in Israel and Gaza. Many people got angry, and later, the brand said sorry on their Instagram.

The Apology

BTV said they were sorry for not handling things well during the sad events in Gaza. The people who started the brand, Daniel Chew and Rebecca Ting, said they realized their words were wrong and not thoughtful. They also mentioned they don’t like the killing of innocent people in Palestine and feel for them.

Things the Founder Did

Some people said that Daniel Chew followed a group on Instagram that supports Israel. They also said he liked posts asking to pray for Israel. This made many people upset and unhappy with the brand’s actions.

Wanting Answers

People who liked the brand asked for clear explanations. They were worried that supporting a country involved in fighting might not match the brand’s beliefs.

The Brand Didn’t Say Much

When the brand posted about their new clothes instead of talking about the problem, it made people angrier. They felt ignored and wanted the brand to say something important about the situation.

People Saying to Not Buy From the Brand

Because the brand didn’t talk about the problem, some people wanted others to stop buying clothes from them. They felt let down by the brand and wanted to show it by not buying their stuff.

The Founder’s Defense

Later, Daniel Chew wrote some things on his own Instagram. He said he doesn’t support hurting innocent people, especially kids, women, and older people. He explained he followed the group before when it was about food and adventures but stopped following them later.

What Happens Next

The situation is still not good for the brand. Many people are unhappy, and the brand’s actions are being looked at closely. It’s a lesson about being clear and sensitive in difficult times on social media.